#DrummondPuddleWatch Gets Even Weirder Than It Already Sounds

As Author/league two football team AFC Wimbledon sponsor John Green would say, “In a stunning turn of events, it’s raining in England.” But in a turn of event perhaps more extreme, Britain has been invaded for once. This rain has caused a puddle, and this invasion of viewers has left Newcastle speechless. Speechless, unless of course “shushing” any dolt who dare asks, “why the hell are you staring at a bloody puddle?”

Is it that slow of a news day? Is an Obamacare repeal bill not enthralling enough? How about North Korea claiming a successful hydrogen bomb test? No? Not even a little? Britain, you know that Southern California is having earthquakes and massive floods at once right? But still you’re choosing to look at your one of probably billions of puddles your rainy wizard island gets a day? Alright, so the Humdrum Drummond Puddle it is then. Oh Internet, you never fail to not surprise any of us at all.


Alas, 20,000 viewers on Periscope are currently captivated by the live stream of people just trying to cross this puddle. But in the easily entertained internet users defense, the people of Newcastle are making this very hard to ignore. People brought by floats and paddles, others brought surfboards, and some took of their clothes and really just went for it. Not to mention, the commentary on Twitter and Tumblr had better banter than most scripted awards shows.


Nearby pranksters have made hilarious additions to the puddle. Like this wet floor sign:


People brought the public opinion, plus Jesus, into the mix:


Popular U.K. parody twitter account “Very British Problems” predicted tomorrow’s riveting British headlines:


People ignored their obligations and feasted their eyes upon the puddle action as if there was a match on:


People deemed it Oscar worthy and then memed that right up:


Speaking of memes, someone on Tumblr did the honors of writing up a “The Signs As” meme for the puddle event. Just to make it a bit more personal:


Even Star Wars jumped in on the action. Not surprising though, they already had left their seemingly ubiquitous images on bottled water, now they’re splattering their X Wing Fighters on rainy floor water:


All in all, it’s another wet day in England, except this time it reminds us of the beautiful moments of the internet. As horrifying and backwards as times may seem, you can always find a corner of the internet where thousands have sought refuge in the trivial and seemingly mundane. They’ve come together to create something as a community. They’ve taken a random act of God that may have even ruined someone’s day, and turned it into an event that that someone gets to laugh about when they’re drying off at home. They’ve given a gift to millions of awkward humans who can now say, “Hey, did you see that puddle thing?” And the person responds, “Yeah how weird was that?!” And that awkward person can now just nod the conversation away. They’ve proven to the rest of the planet that when times are tight, the internet forever stays loose enough to forget the constriction of reality by laughing at a small body of water and those who attempts to cross it brought joy and engaging discourse. And that’s truly beautiful.

Or it’s just really damn weird. But thanks to the internet, however you see #DrummondPuddleWatch, weird, hilarious, beautiful, or a waste of time, you can join the conversation and be a part of something.

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