Disney’s Special Prices for Socal Locals on Diamond Celebration

Disneyland is indescribably great, as Disney is something I genuinely and whole-heartedly believe is something you cannot outgrow! What is also great is that Disney has returned with its two-day and three-day prices for passes for locals of the Southern California park in Anaheim, CA.


You can find the special prices to be in your favor right now as you purchase tickets! SoCal Resident Flex Tickets can be purchased through May 19, 2016 and go from Jauary 6, 2016 to May 26, 2016. It allows you two days and to visit one park per day. The price on these is $149. Since this is not a hopper pass, meaning you cannot visit both park on a given day, you can consider purchasing a two-day Park Hopper at $189.


Three-day passes for one park are $179 and a three-day hopper, allowing you as previously said, to visit both parks on one day, is priced at $219. To someone who is known for an absolute obsession and fascination with all things Disney and particularly in this case, Disneyland, this is riveting news. Then again, I have an annual pass, but it is still awesome news I can pass on to friends.


Anyway, besides that, take advantage of these astonishing prices. Now is the time to really take advantage indeed, because you will get the chance to experience the magic of Disney’s Diamond Celebration in its 60th anniversary celebration.


Keep in mind though, and this might be ending on a sad note, but yes, there are black-out dates. These range from March 20th to April 2nd for Southern California ticket holders.


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