Model/Actor Denied Boarding Flight After Refusing To Remove Turban

Waris Ahluwalia, Sikh Gap model and actor in films like The Inside Man, The Darjeeling Limited, and The Grand Budapest Hotel was not permitted to fly to New York from Mexico City on an AreoMexico flight for refusing to remove his turban.  His boarding pass had had him marked for secondary screening. After going through all of his belongings and conducting a full body search he was asked to remove his turban. He refused, saying, “Being asked to remove your turban in public is like being asked to remove all of your clothes in public.”


“It’s amazing how many times I’ve been randomly selected,” he said, “They waited until everyone boarded the plane before they did the secondary security check on me… They talked among themselves in Spanish and then an airline official came up to me and said I will not be flying on any AeroMexico flights and will have to book myself on another flight.” He said the whole encounter left him shaking. He says he is not mad, but rather he hopes for further religious protection for those with religion who require certain garments that are only to be removed in the privacy of their homes.

The Sikh Coalition that fights to protect Sikhs in America has documented that Sikhs may rightfully refuse to remove their turbans if all other security checks have been conducted.

Waris Ahluwalia has the support from the Sikh Coalition as well as Viner/YouTuber Jasmeet Singh who also wears his turban:


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