Why Kanye West Defends Cosby, And Why Kanye Fans Defend Kanye

Okay, so there has been admittedly some rapper’s nonsense tweeted more than usual as of late. Recently there was Kanye’s rampage on Wiz Kahlifa which was shut down by Amber Rose. Then there was B.o.B’s rampage on logic and geography. And now Kanye has done… this:

6633481900130304“BILL COSBY INNOCENT!!!!!” tweeted Kanye West Tuesday night. Which is of course false. Cosby is facing numerous sexual assault allegations that have been built against him over the years but was brought to public attention by comedian Hannibal Buress last year. Andrea Constand, is among one of his victims. She is currently battling against him in court. She is the former director of operations of the women’s basketball team at Temple University, who claims Cosby raped her in his own home January 2004 after he had snuck her Quaaludes.

Cosby should not be facing criminal prosecution since he has agreed to cooperate in a civil lawsuit after he openly admitted that he did in fact give women Quaaludes in order to have sex with them. So similarly, since Cosby won’t be facing criminal prosecution, let’s not criminally prosecute Kanye just yet. Look, I know, that sounds insane. But think of it this way:

Kanye West will defend any black creator or icon, just as hard as any Kanye West fan will defend Kanye West.

It’s true. Kanye speaks out on the lack of attention or the more critical eye black creatives get in their respective industries, be it fashion, science, music, art, or the screen. When a black creative gets negative attention usually it’s Kanye’s job as “our modern Da Vinci” to defend that person. He does it from an understanding place, but yet there are lines that can be drawn where we can admit that the black guy did a bad thing, and it has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the fact that Bill Cosby, while a funny, legendary, ground breaking artist who paved the way for black comedians and actors, committed one of the worst crimes humanly possible. And he did it a lot. 

Similarly, Kanye fans will leap to defend Kanye in creative and constructive ways. After the entire Amber Rose debacle, wherein she alleged that Kanye is into butt stuff in bed, no Yeezus fan left the room. Or if they did, they left to go try out some new butt stuff. People were making #FingersInTheBootyAssBitch lighters on Etsy. People on Twitter made #KanyeAnalPlaylist a trending topic. When he famously interrupted Taylor Swift, MTV actually made Taylor Swift present him his VMA Vanguard Award. It’s crazy but, yes the man can do wrong… but his fans are still into it. And more so than that, Kanye is still into it. And he’s not going to stop being good at what he does just because he feels like he has to be the black Sandra Bullock in “The Blind Side” and take in any sad black person getting hate (even if they deserve it). 


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