Kanye Changes His Album Title… Again

Kanye West has again and again titled and re-titled his latest studio album. The Kanye West album is now officially (but who knows?) T.L.O.P standing for “The Life Of Pablo”. Previously Waves, previously Swish, previously So Help Me God… now “The Life Of Pablo”. Though, it’s rather prophetic that the original title was So Help Me God. It’s quite telling of the future we are all currently in, where every Kanye fan screeches at their Twitter newsfeed “So help me God! Ye, if you change this name one more time I swear I will take back turning the other cheek when you called Cosby ‘innocent’. My tattoo artist is getting really pissed that I keep changing what I want him to permanently ink on my other breast, right across from Yeezus.”


The seventh album of West’s has been called “one of the greatest albums of all time” by West himself, of course. But it’s constantly shifting track list and titles make it seem less like a history-making-album, and more like a moody teenager that’s constantly going through various phases. Everyone is tip-toeing around, asking now, “Wait… Waves… I thought Kanye really went through a lot defending that title he gave you. Wow, okay so now you’re this “Pablo” thing. And what about No More Parties In LA? Is that track just gone? You had Kendrick on that track it was amazing! Did you just rename it? I know you’ve been through a lot lately too, but what is this FML track we’re seeing now? We’re just worried because we love you.”

The album is set to premiere via a live stream on Thursday from Madison Square garden, where the mastermind behind The Album Of Many Names will premiere his latest fashion line Yeezy Season 3 (Which is a title that has stayed steady since season one… at least so far).

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