John Kasich Is Stoked Women “Left Their Kitchens” To Campaign For Him

Ohio Governor John Kasich told crowds in Virginia that he had women “leaving their kitchens” to go out and campaign for him. John Kasich, you literally left a woman’s womb. You shouldn’t be so quick to demean where women spend their time when you spent nine months inside of one and forty years after that just trying to get back in one. (Let’s start that rumor, John Kasich was a forty year old virgin, pass it on.)

Rumors aside, John Kasich was at the center of a town hall in Fairfax, Virginia. Unlike his last town hall on CNN that featured a tear jerking moment, this town hall featured just one giant jerk moment from Kasich. The jerkin’ began when he spoke on how he came to office at a young age: “We just got an army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and put yard signs up for me. All the way back, when things were different.”

Oh yes, John Kasich was elected by those old fashion women folks, way back when they were hanging laundry on the front lawn, churning butter, getting slapped around and sexually harassed by Don Draper types, way back when women were seen as merely property. Way, way back in 1982. Yes, so different were those dark ages. What wanna-be-feminist-but-low-key-misogynist thing will Kasich say when he’s asked about growing our economy? Will he just segue into a “women be shoppin’!” bit?

Kasich was confronted by a woman who seemed to be (obviously) bothered by the remark. She said to him, “I want to say your comment earlier about the women coming to support you? I’ll come and support you, but I won’t be coming out of the kitchen,” She asked him about a bill he had signed that would call for a defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Kasich responded to the woman as respectfully as he could, “Are you kidding me? We have robust women’s health funding in Ohio…. You don’t have to be captive to delivering women’s health through a women’s health organization that has discredited itself.” This dude seriously attempted to mansplain women’s health organizations to a woman who clearly is in favor of women’s health organizations, and has a problem with the stunning lack of them. 

He said Planned Parent hood has discredited itself? How has Planned Parenthood discredited itself? When put on trial in Texas, Planned Parenthood basically reverse catfished their accusers and had them arrested. Correct me if I am wrong, but that’s some good press for Planned Parenthood. Honestly Kasich, how could Planned Parenthood have discredited themselves after years of providing cancer screenings, safe birth control, safe sex information, ultrasounds, and performing the occasional abortion, the extremely delicate medical procedure that often saves women’s lives in multiple ways.

So John Kasich do not in the same town hall, disparage women’s roles, but then act like you’re on their side because you chose to shut down the one women’s health organization that saves women’s lives. The next president needs to be a president of the American People. And I don’t know if they taught you this all the way back in 1982 John Kasich, but women are people too. 


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