NASHVILLE, TN - MARCH 01: Erin Andrews (L) leaves the courtroom for a short recess on March 1, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. Andrews is suing her stalker and the owner and operator of the Marriott at Vanderbilt for $75 million after a nude video was taken of her while at the hotel chain. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)

Defense Insists Erin Andrews Is Better Off Due To Invasive Nude Leaks

Nearly everyone in America has heard of the Kardashian defense. And not the one being portrayed by Ross from Friends on The People Vs OJ Simpson. It’s the idea where after you’ve had leaked nudes or a sex tape your fame and success rates sky rocket higher than every male’s heart rate when they hear the words “Backdoor Teen Mom 2”. This defense (originally called the Paris Hilton defense but then we kind of forgot about her around the same time we forgot about AOL chat rooms) can be viable defenses among celebrities who sell sex. However it’s not a suitable defense for a professional who has had their privacy seriously violated.

We’re talking about, of course, Erin Andrews. The ESPN reporter who took the stand Tuesday for the second day in court for the 75 million dollar lawsuit against a Nashville Marriott and the man who filmed her through a hotel peep hole. The video of her naked leaked online and was viewed upwards of seventeen million times.

Andrews described the event as traumatic and distressing. She is suing the hotel for negligence and for the invasion of her privacy after suffering severely “permanent emotional distress”. Distress like Andrews describes is certainly not a side effect of the Kardashian defense. Because typically emotional distress is hard to come by when you’re juggling rappers, football players, Rolls Royces, and Yeezy apparel.

And still, the defense tried to press Andrews to admit that since the leak, she has had a spike of success in her career. They asked her, “You have done very well in your career since 2009?” Andrews, who still works for ESPN answered that she had. But that’s not the point, at all.

There is no reason that a woman’s entire life should be expected to fall down and crumble just because a people have ogled at her. Women get ogled at every day, they’re used to it, they move on. It’s not Erin’s fault that she continued to soldier on after a traumatic incident. It’s just what women are expected to do at this point, which is pretty messed up. And it is doubly messed up when a woman tries to speak out about it and a man tries to mansplain why she should be thanking her pervert.

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