2 People Wounded in Apparent Stabbing at Tufts University Frat House

2 People Stabbed at Tufts University Frat House

SOMERVILLE — Police taped off a large area around the fraternity house Delta Tau Delta near the Tufts Medford campus and the parking lot behind it Sunday morning as they investigate the stabbing of two people.

The attack occurred inside the Delta Tau Delta fraternity house at 98 Professors Row, according to a statement by university spokeswoman Kim Thurler. She said the victims are not affiliated with the university and the crime “appears to be non-random.”

Paul Trant, deputy chief of the Somerville police, told reporters outside the fraternity that the attackers and victims knew each other. No arrests have been made.

Tufts University had advised students and staff early Sunday morning to shelter in place, lock their doors and stay away from windows because of a police emergency.

Police completed their search of the campus and immediate vicinity, though the investigation is still ongoing, Thurler said. Members of the Tufts community were advised to return to their normal activities.

Details about the incident were scarce Sunday morning. Tufts first issued a shelter-in-place advisory just after 4:50 a.m.

Moses Holton, a member of the fraternity, returned to the house around 8:45 a.m. To retrieve his car, but he was told by police he could not do so.

He said Tufts police have confirmed that all of the fraternity’s members are safe.

“It’s definitely crazy,” said Holton, who lived in the house last semester. “Just a stabbing in the house is crazy.”

Tufts senior Anthony Debenedetto, a member of Tufts’ ATO fraternity nearby, said he was still processing what had happened.

“I didn’t think that things like this happened here,” said Debenedetto, 21, who lives off campus. “At Tufts, it feels like you’re in a bubble.”

Andy Puglia, 67, who lives on nearby Powderhouse Boulevard in Somerville, came to the campus around 7:45 a.m. to walk his two bulldogs, as he does most mornings.

“We had no hesitation,” said Puglia.”I figured I’d take a ride up here to see if I could get onto the campus.”

His wife, Joan, who works for the university, received a robocall around 5 a.m. with the shelter in place instructions. But Puglia said he was not fearful for his safety as he traversed the campus.

“The university campus is quite safe, but I’m not shocked this happened because it’s happened before,” said Puglia, mentioning incidents occurring on the streets surrounding the campus.

The university is asking anyone with information about the incident to contact Tufts University Police at 617-627-3030.

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