3 Suicides Linked to Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal

3 Suicides Linked to Ashley Madison Cheating Scandal

The Ashley Madison cheating scandal took a sad turn over the past week since a hacking group exposed the names of 37 million cheating spouses (32 million men and 5 million women) on Ashleymadison.com.

San Antonio Police Captain Michael Gorhum is among three men who took their own lives after they were exposed by a hacking group.

Two Canadian members of Ashleymadison.com were previously identified after they committed suicide.

Capt. Gorhum reportedly killed himself three days after his official email address was published in a massive data dump containing the names and private info of registered members of Ashleymadison.com, an adultery website that helps husbands cheat discreetly.

Among the 10 Gigs of data were millions of names culled from at least 10 M4M websites operated by the owners of Ashleymadison.com that cater to married men seeking men for gay hookups.

Federal agents and law enforcement are investigating the hacking as an act of terrorism.

15,000 government employees accessed the website from their work computers and registered accounts on Ashleymadison.com using their work emails. Washington D.C. had the most AM members of any American city.

Emails also linked 11 White House employees to the website.

A careful analysis of the data dump by the NY Post found that men are much more likely than women to seek random sex. But we already knew that.

The problem isn’t that so many men choose to cheat on their wives; cheating is ingrained in their DNA.

Avid Life Media, the owners of Ashleymadison.com have offered $500,000 to anyone who reveals the identities of the hackers.

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