iOS 9.3 New Features – Here's what to expect

7 Best iOS 9.3 New Features to Revolutionize Your iPhone Usage

Google Playstore is a marriage of useful free and paid apps. But, who needs all those apps when inbuilt in your iOS iPhone and iPad devices are tons of super cool, hidden features.

Today, you get your money’s worth! Because today, we unveil that there is definitely more to your phone than its famous camera features. Here are the top 7 best new features of the iOS 9.3.

Shortcuts to calls and texts.  Wow has technology advanced! Now calls and texts are only three taps away. The search feature on your home screen has been updated to include your saved contacts. So simply tap search, enter the contact name, then tap on the contact photo when the search loads and finally press the call or message icon and viola you are done.


Hide Photos. You show your friend ONE photo before you know it they are looking through your entire gallery. Well, with the iOS 9.3 you’ll no worries in this regard. Just select all the photos you do not want to show up in your photo library then tap on the hide icon. Photo privacy just became that much easier and you don’t even need a password.


Avoid poor WIFI forever. Go to Settings -> Cellular -> Scroll all the way to the bottom -> WiFi Assist -> On. Thus, when your phone encounters poor WiFi connection it immediately falls back onto your LTE connection. Thereby eliminating the annoyance of unreliable, too slow or constantly dropping WiFi out of your life.


Caller ID  for Unknown Callers.  When you link your Gmail app and other email apps to your default Apple Mail app in iOS 9.3, you’ll never truly receive a call from an unknown caller ever again. This because unknown incoming calls will be linked to an email message so a caller ID of the possible caller can be given.


Reproductive and Sex Tracker.  Apple wants you to be healthy and happy in every way. The S Health app has been expanded to feature a sex activity tracker for those protected and unprotected moments. In addition, there is a reproductive health tracker with features such as menstruation, spotting, and ovulation. Our credit cards thank you, Apple that’s one less Google Playstore app purchase.


iConnect.  Never again shall you be caught off guard by one of your iOS devices dying. You can easily monitor the battery life of all your iOS devices in your iPhone Notification Centre through the new iOS 9.3 battery widget.  To enable the feature Pull down the Notification Center -> Scroll to the bottom -> Tap on Edit -> Tap next to Batteries.


Shake to Undo.  Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Shake to Undo -> Off. By activating the shake to undo feature on your iPhone or iPad typing errors and photos are easily undone with a shake of the wrist followed by a yes confirmation.

Everyday technology makes our lives incredibly easier. And with these tips you will be better able to let the iOS 9.3 technology simplify your life even more.

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