Hinds County, Mississippi: 2 Puppies Found Trapped in Aquarium With Lid Cemented Shut

Hinds County, Mississippi: 2 Puppies Found Trapped in Aquarium With Lid Cemented Shut

Hinds County, Mississippi: 2 puppies found trapped inside a glass aquarium that had the lid cemented shut. A resident walking near a creek close to the Clinton-Tinnin Road discovered something he would never imagine.

Matt Williamson recalls that he couldn’t believe his eyes; he got closers and saw the puppies. ‘I saw their eyes, they were fearful and looked like they needed help’

The Good Samaritan immediately alerted the authorities. The puppies were actually so scared that one of them put his paw protectively around the other.

Authorities believe that whoever left the dogs there intended from them to drown.

The puppies were rescued and are now with the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, recovering.

‘We believe they are a little feral and not particularly used to human handling. They are running a fever at this point. We will keep them in a quiet place to bring their fever and stress level down’.

If everything checks out normally, the puppies will be put up for adoption in no time.

In the meantime, the person that placed these cute puppies in an aquarium and dumped them in a ditch is still out there. A police investigation is mandatory, before other pets are hurt. A person capable of even considering such a thing, yet alone putting it into action does not deserve to be free!

We, the undersigned, hereby ask local law enforcement to open a case and bring whoever is responsible to justice. We trust that the plight of these innocent puppies will not go unpunished.

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