Adam Levine’s New Back Tattoo Finished!

Everyone should know who awesome, charming Adam Levine is. He is definitely one of the most talked about celebrities lately and fronts one of the world’s most famous, Grammy award winning bands of our time, Maroon 5. He happens to be my utmost favorite as does his band. If one thing he is known for, like other celebrity names who are known for their tattoos, like say Justin Bieber, it is his numerous tattoos.


Today, I can report that he has added another tattoo; this one is on his back. The singer, who is also an occasional actor and a coach on the NBC show, “The Voice,” has a multiplicity of tattoos. I know he has the words “Los Angeles” on his shoulder, and I have also always paid attention to his tiger tattoo.


The Maroon 5-frontman has added this new tattoo to his back, which is colossal and meaningful. The singer had been sharing the progress of this major tattoo over and over on social media, and has finally revealed the complete product.


He has not disclosed the meaning of the tattoo, but I would certainly assume it means a lot, even not to others, but to him. According to Christie D’Zurilla at the Los Angeles Times, he even opened up to Inked about other tattoos, where the Los Angeles native said his necklace tattoo, one I have certainly been curious about, is actually one he got in Japan because he was bored.


The lack of meaning behind this tattoo actually signifies meaning in some ways and now I am certainly excited to see what his new back tattoo really means. The tattoo took six months to be done and is up for anyone to see what it looks like.

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