New Tiny Phone-Sized Drone Called Airselfie, Changing The selfie Game For Good

New Tiny Phone-Sized Drone Called Airselfie, Changing The selfie Game For Good

If your arm isn’t long enough to act as your personal selfie stick, and you’ve managed to lose every plastic selfie stick you’ve purchased, this may be for you.

A pocket-sized drone coined the AirSelfie can hover in the air for three minutes, thus ensuring you can capture the perfect selfie or group pic.

The drone comes equipped with an HD camera and in-flight stability systems, so users can send the drone into flight and control it with their IOS or Android app.

The makers of AirSelfie started a Kickstarter last year to create the drones, and reached their goal within 72 hours, according to the company.

“People have the impression that flying cameras are costly, difficult to operate and unwieldy,” Edoardo Stroppiana, co-founder of AirSelfie, said in a statement. “AirSelfie redefines the space with a device that’s small, light and easy to use. We have succeeded in developing a great product, and we can’t wait to share it with our growing base of AirSelfie enthusiasts.”

The AirSelfie starts at $261.50 and is available for preorder now.

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