Alleged Killer Sticks Out Tongue, Taunts Victim's Family In Court

Alleged Killer Sticks Out Tongue, Taunts Victim’s Family In Court

A Pennsylvania family is not only grieving the loss of their loved one, but now they say the person who police believe killed him taunted them in the courtroom. The incident happened on the day the murder suspect was expected to plead guilty to the killing.

According to ABC 6, 26-year-old Jeffrey Knoble, Jr., told his attorneys he planned to enter the guilty plea to killing a man on Thursday, but in the last moments while the defense was addressing the court, he changed his mind. Instead of keeping quiet during his court appearance, the report said Knoble interrupted his defense attorney who was talking. The Morning Call said Knoble told the judge, “Your honor, I’d like to speak.” Knoble added, “I am an innocent man. I was forced out of my will to take this guilty plea.”

Only moments after those words were uttered, Knoble reportedly looked directly at the victim’s family and stuck his tongue out. He was also heard laughing loudly more than once, and at times the laughter was directed in the direction of the family.

Andrew “Beep” White. Photo: Twitter
Andrew “Beep” White. Photo: Twitter

Knoble is accused of killing 32-year-old Andrew “Beep” White in 2015. White was reportedly shot in the back of the head in Easton. After the killing, Knoble is accused of recording video of the victim’s body.

The Morning Call captured their own video of the victim’s family members leaving the courthouse, and many appeared to be extremely upset after what transpired. Supporters and loved ones were hoping for justice and wearing T-shirts in memory of White with the phrase, “Always Loved & Never Forgotten.”

Pat Wheeler-Gibson, one of White’s relatives, said this about Knoble, “He’s playing games with the court system, back and forth, back and forth, it’s an ongoing thing.” Wheeler-Gibson added, “He’s hurt a lot of people.” First Deputy District Attorney Terence Houck agrees. He told the Morning Call it was a complete “setup” by Knoble. Houck added, “I warned the family that this would happen. Jeffrey Knoble is a despicable coward who lacks any character. He doesn’t have the guts to admit what he did, so it doesn’t surprise me.”

The Morning Call said some family members traveled from as far away as Atlanta, now everyone will have to return on the trial date currently slated for September 6. Reports say if Knoble had taken the plea, he would have most likely served a life sentence. Now, during a jury trial, he could be eligible for the death penalty, if he’s found guilty.

The motive in the case is not clear. Multiple reports claim that White was simply a Good Samaritan attempting to help a stranger. Knoble didn’t have a place to stay, and White took it upon himself to rent the suspect a room at a local Quality Inn.

The Morning Call says Knoble’s own mother turned her son into authorities after she said he showed her video of the corpse.

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