AllSaints Men’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

I was instantly and incommunicably excited when I first had a glimpse of the AllSaints collection for men for Autumn/ Winter 2016.

I instantly saw that they were accentuated and tailored looks. As Mel Sinclair of puts it, the collection layers up the new garments “by juxtaposing smart tailoring with casual silhouettes” in a characteristic way that resonates with AllSaints and always has.

There seem to be neutral colors and unassuming but refined execution of style in this inclusive collection. I love jackets, and this collection, especially in that respect does not disappoint. There is an expansive array of jackets, all intriguing in their own ways. Generally, the collection exhibits smarter and tailored looks.

The collection is all-encompassing and fluid. It is multifaceted and user-friendly in the respect that in many contexts, it is wearable and immensely usable. The collection is not only an evidently flowing collection that offers ample unique pieces for the wardrobes it provides for, enriching and perpetuating a characteristic image of AllSaints and its implementation and application of itself abundantly within the field of fashion.

A sharp and well-groomed look that carries through is conveyed throughout. The pieces, humble and subtle, yet very sophisticated and appealing, all are such an intrigue and collectively have an approach and appeal for the shopper. Tones of colors, hues, and the general color palette includes various shades of blues, grey, green, like olive green, and different forms and uses of black.

Overall I am considerably eager and thrilled upon my surface views and glimpses of this collection. I am definitely anticipating to shop this collection and to add to my wardrobe, as I always am looking to add the most pristine pieces. AllSaints has always provided me a fulfilling experience and has never disappointed me in this aspect or in general at all.

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