Almost 500 Burned In Taiwan As Fire Erupts In Water Park

Almost 500 Burned In Taiwan As Fire Erupts In Water Park

About 500 individuals were injured at a water park in Taiwan after an accidental explosion at a musical event created flame to break out Saturday night.

The flame began amid a night rap performance in New Taipei City, The mishap at Formosa Fun Coast was caught on a cell phone video.

“At one point, green powder shot out from the stage over the audience,” Frank says. “The powder quickly ignited, enveloping fans. Some people staggered around on fire, while others collapsed to the ground.”

Many of the concert participants were wearing bathing suits and shirts; as indicated by fire officials, the casualties have burns on their lower bodies.

More than 180 individuals are in intensive care. The wire service proceeds:

In the immediate aftermath of the explosion, rescuers treated hundreds of people, most of them aged between 20 and 30, wearing wet swimsuits and lying on inflatable plastic doughnuts. Television showed images of people running from sky-high flames.

“There was blood and people were on fire,” one injured man said.

The water park has been closed, and the fire is under investigation.

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