Amazon Set to Have Prime Membership Sale – But for One Day Only

On Friday September 25th, Amazon will be offering it’s one year Prime membership for $67, instead of it’s regular $99 price tag, in celebration of it’s Emmy award winning original series, Transparent. However, this crazy deal is only available for 24 hours. transparent

The benefits of having Amazon Prime include free two-day shipping, Amazon Instant Video, which lets you download tv shows and movies online and offline, and Prime Music.

This deal is arriving shortly before the release of the $50 Fire tablet that Amazon is issuing, which will begin shipping on September 30th.

This sale will be another one of Amazon’s tactics to become a stable for homes everywhere. Back in July, Amazon had Prime Day which discounted many prime eligible items for one day only. So for those who think the $99 price tag is a little too much, then mark your calendars for a one year membership almost 33% off.

To learn more information about Prime memberships, head on over to

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