Amber Rose Unrecognizable Wearing New Red Wig

It’s Amber Rose like you’ve never seen her previously!

No, she’s not flaunting her swimming outfit body on the shoreline. Also, she’s certainly not living up to expectations that short hairdo such a variety of fans love and respect.

Rather, Rose chose to switch things up with apparently a fresh out of the box new red wig that effectively goes down to in any event her shoulders. Hey, we let you know its distinctive!

“U like?” she asked her Instagram devotees Friday night. “Jessica Rabbit.”

Disney fans are very much aware that Jessica is Roger Rabbit’s human wife who shows up as a tall, shapely lady with an awe-inspiring figure and expansive hips. One of her well known lines is, “I’m not Bad. I’m recently drawn that way.”

Any likenesses with Rose? Indeed, we will give you a chance to settle on that one.
Maybe the genuine inquiry is whether this could be an enduring search for the 31-year-old? At last, your estimate is tantamount to our own. What we do know is she’s still about those goods selfies.
At the point when asked by E! News about the well known sight all alone Instagram, Rose conceded she infrequently can’t help herself. “It simply must be natural,” she said of flaunting her rear. “I don’t arrange for those things. It just happens.”
Also, in the event that you think this hot new look is a sign that somebody’s prepared to get back in the dating pool, reconsider! Rose is excessively centered around her child Sebastian Taylor Thomaz to stress over a consistent sweetheart.
“I simply need to concentrate on my child and work,” she told E! News. “He’s enormous and he’s talking. He knows everything. He’s so shrewd. He has full discussions. It will knock your socks off.”


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