American Airlines Announces Action to Make Security Screenings Quicker

With the string of suicide bombings in cities like Brussels and Lahore and the recent EgyptAir plane crash that many suspect was a terrorist attack, if anything airport security is only going to get tighter.

This is not exactly happy news for travelers, many of whom are already frustrated with the long lines and list of rules to follow when putting their bags through the x ray machines. One airline, however, has announced they will be taking steps to ease this process.

The problem is not only stricter security measures, the number of security officers available to staff the airports has been decreasing while the number of travelers has only increased in recent years. According to American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein, thousands of customers have missed their flights because of long wait lines.

Robert Isom, AA’s chief operating officer, called the situation “”unacceptable to all of us,” and issued a statement saying that the airline will be spending $4 million to hire additional staff who can perform “non-screening functions like bin running and queue management so that TSA officers can focus solely on screening and security aspects of their jobs.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, home to one of the busiest airports in the country, is also attempting to address this issue. He met with the head of the Travel Security Admission on Friday and afterwards the two announced a plan to hire more than 100 new full-time staff to ease waiting times for fliers. At the same time they stressed that USA airlines cannot compromise their security measures.

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