American Family Association Takes A Dump In Target’s Trans-Inclusive Restroom Plans

Don’t you hate it when you go to a Target store and some dummy has shoved something where it absolutely shouldn’t be? Like when some wine mom decides maybe she shouldn’t buy three bottles of merlot at 11 am because she’s running a bit behind and won’t be able to finish a second one before picking up her daughter from daycare, so she shoves it behind the Essie bottles? Or when some booger eating two year old gets told “No, Billy. Next time” again and again before throwing his gushers on top of a towel in the homegoods section? Or when the American Family Association puts the “ass” in association by tossing men into the women’s bathroom in attempt to make a far fetched, transphobic point?

If your local target has yet to feature men just chilling in the restrooms talking about nonsense, then congratulations, your town has achieved basic human decency. If not, then your town is one of the many that the AFA has decided to invade with their completely backwards way of moving society backwards in time.

After Target announced that their restrooms were transgender friendly—meaning that transgender men, women, and non-gender-conforming individuals can feel completely welcome to use the bathroom that reflects their gender identity—the supermarket chain was met with backlash and bigotry from the AFA. Sandy Rios is the AFA director of government affairs, and not (as her name would suggest) a beachfront resort in Rio De Janeiro where white families get cornrows. Rios spoke to “Breitbart News Daily” and described how the American Family Association was concerned about women and children who would face assault in bathrooms from predators who falsely state to be transgender.

This is the worst thing to happen to Target since someone thought it’d be hip to call it “Tar-jay”. Seriously, when stores claim to be pet friendly there was never a group of people running around “falsely claiming to be dogs” and biting shoppers just to prove a point. Stores that make themselves wheelchair accessible don’t have an influx of people “falsely claiming to be handicapped” so they can run people over for sport. No one has ever thrown a person with severe feline allergies into one of those weird cat cafes in Japan and screamed, “Do you now see the danger of this place?” 

Also, not to take the topic off the transgender community, even though the media loves to do that. For a second let’s talk about how crazy their reason is. How crazy is it that the AFA only sent men into the women’s restroom? Seriously, they straight up say in their statement that they are concerned about the women and children being victims. And I’m in no way saying that people will get assaulted just because transgender people have to occasionally pee in public. But it’s messed up to suggest that men are the only predators and women are the only victims in these types of situations. And it’s messed up to suggest that only women have children with them in restrooms—It’s 2016, dad’s take kids shopping while mom’s at work too… Hell, it’s 2016 dad’s take their kids shopping while other dad is at work too! Stop using archaic examples to prove your archaic and irrelevant points. It’s 2016! When can we stop alerting people that it’s freaking 2016?!! …Probably once it’s 2017, you’re right. But hopefully by then people either have their crap together or we’re all dead from a nuclear holocaust brought on by President Trump. 

But while we are talking about the very, very rare instance wherein someone of any gender in any restroom may be assaulted, assault and rape is still illegal. Public restrooms are still in public. No one even tries to rob a Target (because what would be the point? Their prices are ridiculously reasonable) but also because it’s always broad daylight in a Target and it’s always filled with soccer moms, mom-jean dads, and so many people wearing cargo pants that no one can even get into a criminal mind-set in that place. It’s so wholesome, and trendy, and reasonably-priced that even if you were a transgender person with the intention to assault someone, you’d get distracted at that dollar bin which everyone knows you always do before you can even reach the bathroom!

Despite all of this, Sandy Rios stood by this horribly transphobic plan saying that, “The chief concern [is] trauma, certainly for little girls of having men dressed like women coming in their bathrooms.” But what Sandy Rios fails to see is that transgender women are not men dressed as women. They are women, with traumas of their own, many of them by the way, brought on by people just like Sandy Rios and the men who are entering restrooms to make people afraid of a community that is more afraid than anyone else just to walk into a Target, a bar, a church, or even just down the sidewalk in fear of a far more likely assault.

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