Andy Puzder Withdraws Nomination After Losing Republican Support

Andy Puzder Withdraws Nomination After Losing Republican Support

US President Donald Trump’s choice for labour secretary has withdrawn from consideration on the eve of a long-delayed confirmation hearing.

The fast-food billionaire lost the support of several Republican senators after admitting employing an illegal immigrant as a former housekeeper.

The CKE Restaurants chief executive has also been criticised for his remarks on women and employees at his employees.

The fallout from a rancorous 1980s divorce had also returned to dog him.

It recently emerged that his ex-wife had appeared in disguise as a victim of domestic violence in a 1990 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, titled High Class Battered Women.

Following their 1987 divorce, Lisa Fierstein retracted her domestic abuse claims.

She said the allegation was a tactic to secure a child custody agreement.

In an 18 January letter to the Senate committee that had been due to hold Mr Puzder’s confirmation hearing, Ms Fierstein said: “Andy is not and was not abusive or violent.”

But Susan Collins, one of several Republican senators who withheld support for Mr Puzder, said she was taking the talk show tape into consideration.

The Maine politician told reporters on Monday: “I have gone to view the Oprah Winfrey show for an hour on which his former wife appeared and I am reviewing the other information that has come to light.”

The clip was presented last month to members of the Senate panel.

Mr Puzder is the first of Mr Trump’s cabinet picks to fail to secure a nomination.

The nominee has also faced concerns about his views on overtime and the minimum wage.

And some of his employees have claimed they were victims of wage theft or victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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