Annual “Movember” is Back

Movember is an annual event that is initially aimed at spreading awareness for prostate cancer, but above that, it is meant to raise awareness for other issues that men in general do not typically talk about. For example, a woman might tell her friend what is bothering her, but unfortunately, men do not seem to talk about such issues as regularly as women might. Depression, as it strikes men, is one of the other issues that the Movember cause is aimed at. The cause is simply for a man to not shave his moustache, and of course, in turn then, grow it for a special cause.

The annual phenomenon began in Adelaide, Australia and actually started when a group of young men numbering about 80 were in the cause and it grew to a national level. According to Kathleen O’Brien at, a young man of 26, Tyler Mefford has been practicing Movember for the past six years. According to O’Brien, Mefford’s two grandfathers, fortuntely who both survived prostate cancer, and his father having it, means it could very well happen to him.

Since men’s health definitely does not seem to be given as much attention or coverage, perhaps by the media, but also chiefly by the typical man himself, this foundation is beneficial and prolific in creating a platform for conversations and discourses on men’s health to exist. The big picture of this foundation now, as it has become popular outside of even only its originating country, is to encourage men to stop avoiding talking about health-related issues with each other. The cause also tackles male suicide, according to O’Brien’s article.

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