Apple Devices Experiencing Issues when Updating to #iOS9

Apple Devices Experiencing Issues when Updating to #iOS9

Uh oh.

Apple fans experienced difficulties when trying to download iOS9, the company’s newest mobile operating system, reported Wednesday.

According to CNBC, The company did not immediately responded request for comment.

This time every year, Apple graces its ecosystem with a plethora of advancements on its operating system. It’s no different this time around with today’s release of iOS9.

One of the key features to this upgrade is the battery life.

Sensors will keep the screen from turning on if it’s face down on a table and a new “low-power mode” will help extend battery life by one hour before charging.

This software will also take up less room than prior upgrades, being that it’s only 1.3 gigabytes versus 4.6 gigabytes.

After installing, the default for passcodes will be six digits as opposed to four, which makes a hack attack a little more difficult.

In addition, this upgrade also promises a smarter Siri, a News app that will pull stories based on what you like to read and easier multitasking on the iPad with Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture.

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