Arist on the Rise: Bishop Briggs


Bishop Briggs is one of the latest artist to break onto the indie/ alternative music scene. You actually may have heard her song on commercials. The song I am talking about is her energetic single off of her album, “Wild”, Wild Horses which features an upbeat sound, an electronic/ dubstep sounding segment that re-occurs after the chorus in the song, and her powerful, fervent voice.  Her most well-known song from the alternative radio would be the one listeners hear mostly on indie/ alternative radio stations, such as the one local to me, alt987fm, or, KYSR Los Angeles. It is called “River.”


Her alternative sound, complimented by rock sounds in the background of her songs, and sometimes uniquely electrifying electronic beats are always accompanied by a verbal and commanding voice.


Formerly known as BISHOP, which basically coincided with the name of another band, Bishop Briggs had to modify her stage name. Her name actually comes from her parents’ place of origin, which is Bishopbriggs, Scotland. She was born in London but moved to Tokyo at the tender age of four, at this time she began to perform and then began to write and moved to Hong Kong soon thereafter. She settled in Los Angeles, where she is now based, at the age of 18. Focused on meaningful lyrics, she wants her audience to listen to them, and she also focuses on using the piano. Her music is taking her to open in the fall for Coldplay, according to Wikipedia. She released a new single recently in May of this year, which is called “The Way I Do.”

Bishop Briggs’ art for song “River.”

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