Arrested After Bout With Guard--Ll Cool J's Son

Arrested After Bout With Guard–Ll Cool J’s Son

According to the New York Daily News, the young Najee Smith and three others were arrested in the incident that took place in the Meatpacking District on the same Tuesday morning. The police department insisted on detaining young Najee on a charge of criminal trespass at approximately 3:15 a.m. Before being detained by police, LL Cool J’s son comment was pleading that he did nothing wrong–No serious injuries were reported. Thereafter, Najee Smith arraigned; thereafter, being escorted by obscene acquaintances.


In New York (Catch Rooftop (restaurant image)), Carestaurant security and local law enforcement arrested LL Cool J’s son for detrimental behavior in public. Najee Smith–only 26-years old–had been involved in a scene during the twilight hours on Tuesday. At the Manhattan’s Catch Club, he began fighting with the hangout’s security force; he had been drinking certain levels of alcohol, which may have influenced LL Cool J’s son’s behavior that night. Frankly, alcohol is not cheap at New York’s Catch Rooftop (costs $600 per bottle).



Najee Smith is Later Released


More reports: Smith had been released (image: Najee Smith, covered under [red] hood–Michael Graae/ New York Daily News), due to Tuesday’s arraignment and he has been reported to leave the courthouse while being shielded by acquaintances. However, those pals didn’t fail to address the gathered media with expressions (obscene gestures and spitting at a photographer) as young Najee Smith seemed to laugh in reaction. Ideally, this incident is the result of the group going out in celebration of Najee Smith’s birthday, which is one year after him graduating from college.

At the club of selection, security asked the group to remove themselves; things escalated thereafter–the location of the specified incident (criminal trespass): Catch Rooftop on Ninth Ave. near W. 13th St., court papers show.


Father’s Reaction…

The NCIS: Los Angeles star and former old-school rapper has not been in the limelight to address the issue that involves his 26-year old son. However, for the ones concerned, Twitter has posted a quote from Oscar Wilde under LL Cool J’s post, ‘What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.’–Oscar Wilde.



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