Artist Spotlight and New Album: Florence + the Machine


Grammy-nominated indie rock band, Florence + the Machine has a new album in stores that I would like to put a spotlight on. The album consists of two already hit songs, the lead single off of the album, “What Kind of Man”, and the second single, “Ship to Wreck.” Florence Welch, the band’s lead singer, has a trademark voice that is definitely robust, prominent, and powerful. Her music is described as blend of potent soul and art-rock music.

“What Kind of Man” is a ringing tune with tambourines and drums and has topped and made it high up on music charts. I heard the song shortly after it was released and fell in love with its sound. The other hit song from the band’s album, “Ship to Wreck” is a fun tune with a catchy chorus. It was nominated for “Best Rock Video” at the 2015 MTV Music Video awards and also made impressed through its high ranking on numerous music charts.

The album, the band’s third album after “Lungs” in 2009 and “Ceremonials” in 2011, was also the third to be number one on the Billboard 200 albums chart. In fact the album even debuted at number one.

You may remember their earlier success with songs like “Dog Days are Over” and “Shake it Out” from their earlier albums whose names are stated above. Welch herself was featured on DJ and singer Calvin Harris’ dance hit, “Sweet Nothing.”

Despite this prevalent success in the band’s earlier days, “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” is believed to have risen the band to new heights, highlighting the band’s improvement as a performing outfit. Welch stated that she always “dealt with fantasy and metaphor” in writing, so her profound, metaphorical lyrics are featured on the album blended with her thundering voice.

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