Artist to Watch: BANKS

Artist to Watch: BANKS

Jillian Banks, more commonly known as Banks, which is usually stylized in all capital letters is definitely a musician to keep your eyes on. I grew fond of her because her music is not only one genre or category. It is simply so unique and satisfying. Blending elements of electronic with rock and a modified version of R&B, she tells stories with her intricate lyrics. The first song I hear by her was “Beggin’ for Thread,” which was sultry and dark yet was also upbeat and catchy. Her song, “Waiting Game,” is a really beautiful, soulful tune that has a very relaxing, electronic soft rock feel. Some of her songs signal an even sultrier vibe, such as her song “Goddess.”

Her more R&B-oriented track, Goddess, is a stunning track that also has a very moody vibe to it. Her voice is very poignant and at the same time sounds like a serenade. BANKS is a uniquely dazzling siren of this age and her distinctive style and dashing appearance make her even more enigmatic. Her inimitable and captivating album, Goddess, is available. Although, I first heard her music in the middle of 2014, I grew fond of her through time and solidified my bond with her music in 2015 through hearing her songs on the alternative radio stations and some on the mainstream radio stations. I have recommended her extensively and gotten great responses and urge everyone to have a listen, especially to my favorites of hers, “Beggin for Thread,” and “Wating Game.”

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