Artist to Watch: Misterwives

Misterwives, sometimes stylized as MisterWives, is an indie band that has made it onto the rock songs chart earlier in the year of 2015. The first song I hear by them, and their song that received radio play, is called “Reflections.” It is a profoundly happy song with a vibe to match that sheer feel of bubbly happiness. I instantly liked the song when I heard it at first, and the more I listened to it, the more infatuated with it, and especially with its sound I got! It is a light and upbeat indie track with resonating sounds of dance-rock and alternative in it.


Reflections actually made it to number 13 of 25 on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs and has performed the song in multiple venues on television, such as MTV’s Buzzworthy Live in 2014, and they played it also on late night shows such as those hosted by Seth Myers and by Carson Daly in the spring of this year. The song has an unbelievably catchy chorus that goes “put me on a shelf, discipline myself, to let sparks die out. Shattering anything that has reflections of you-oo-oo-oo you-oo-oo-oo ooh ooh.” It’s a really good song to lift your spirits.


The other song of theirs I would like to put a light on is called “Our Own House,” which I would  personally say is an equally catchy song as “Reflections” is. Amazingly, the song has its own melodies and is resonant of the similar catchiness of “Reflections.” The fact stands that it does not resemble the song so much that it does not have uniqueness.


Overall as I have noticed lately, a myriad of female musicians and female-headed bands have emerged onto the indie scene and also in rock music. Misterwives is one of them and is one definitely that I think you will not regret venturing into!

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