Assisted Suicide Bill in Sacarmento, CA

Assisted Suicide Bill in Sacarmento, CA

Assisted suicide has been an exceptionally controversial topic in our society for a long time. We have seen incidents of it and incidents of it not happening. Physician-assisted suicide, also referred to as euthanasia, is when a patient suffers irreparably from an illness and needs to assistance, thus, of a doctor and his approval or administering of a lethal drug. In many religions and morally, suicide is not the best way to go when in misery, yet one’s impulsive behavior can lead him or her to commit the act. When the person is helplessly victimized by an illness, what can they do? That is when we consider the right to die and if a physician should administer drugs to the person to take them “away from their misery.”

Recently, we all may remember the Anaheim, CA, woman, Brittany Maynard who decided to move to Portland, Oregon where she would indeed go ahead and end her own misery through assisted suicide. An advocate for the legality of these assisted suicides, Maynard died how she wanted to and did not want to watch her terminal brain cancer take over her life and killer her in its own way. She even called it her “right to die with dignity” in an article she wrote for CNN.

Now, moving along, in Sacramento, CA, a such measure has been passed into State Assembly. Mentally incapable patients would not be allowed to be given prescription, and the bill makes it a felony to coerce the medicine on anybody.

Assisted suicide stands legal in states such as Oregon, as previously stated, and also Montana and Vermont. Although the issue rose to be eminent in California through Brittany Maynard’s story, there have been many unsuccessful attempts to legal the situation. The issue now goes back to the Senate.

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