At Least 11 People Injured After Roller Coaster Derails at M&D's Scotland Theme Park

At Least 11 People Injured After Roller Coaster Derails at M&D’s Scotland Theme Park

MOTHERWELL, Scotland — At least 10 people suffered injuries Sunday when a roller coaster flew off the tracks at a Scottish theme park and plummeted 30 feet onto a children’s ride, according to multiple reports.

Scottish police confirmed Sunday afternoon that they and other emergency services were responding to a report of a derailment at M&D’s amusement park. In a statement, authorities said at least two adults and eight children appeared to be injured in the incident. Police initially said 11 people were injured on the ride.

They were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Police did not immediately say how serious their injuries were.

“Our thoughts are with the families of those injured,” Chief Inspector David Bruce said. “A joint investigation by Police Scotland and HSE (Health and Safety Executive, which investigates workplace injuries) is now underway.”

Visitors to M&D’s amusement park in Motherwell, Scotland, took to social media starting around 4 p.m. local time after a carriage on the park’s Tsunami roller coaster derailed.

“(I) literally got off the Tsunami at M&D’s and then (I was) walking past and the next lot of people get on, and the full thing goes off the tracks,” Katie Burns wrote on Facebook. “Honestly never been so scared in my life. … Kids and adults are still on it, upside down. It’s like something out of a horror film, children crying and everything.”

Demi Campbell said she was “in complete shock” after watching the derailment.

A spokesperson for the theme park said in a statement that M&D’s was closed Sunday afternoon.

“A serious incident occurred at M&D’s today involving the Tsunami roller coaster,” the statement said. “We have all emergency services on site to assist.”

According to M&D’s, the Tsunami is Scotland’s only inverted roller coaster. It reaches speeds of up to 65kmph (40 mph).

It’s not the first time emergency response teams have been called to the park. In March, eight people had to be rescued after the Tornado roller coaster became stuck. A mechanical failure in July 2011 trapped nine people on the Tsunami roller coaster for hours.

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