Jennifer Li

Four New Elements Are Being Added To the Period Table

Four new elements are being added to the period table: Nihonium (element 113), Moscovium (element 114), Tennessine (element 115), and Oganesson (element 118). Scientists in Japan have managed to make the 113th element of the period table, and have named it after the Japanese word for Japan: “Nihon”. Nihonium will be abbreviated at “Nh” on the periodic table. Researchers at the …

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Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Will Serve Less Than Six Months

Stanford rapist Brock Turner will serve less than six months. 20 year old swimmer Brock Turner was found guilty of three counts, including sexually penetrating an intoxicated and unconscious person, digital rape, and assault with the intent of rape. Even though he faced the maximum sentence of 14 years in prison, the judge sentenced him to six months in prison, and 3 years …

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Horror Film “The Purge” Has Inspired Copycat Murders

Horror film “The Purge” has inspired copycat murders. Indiana resident Johnathan Cruz is facing 3 counts of murder and other crimes, saying that he was inspired by the 2013 film, “The Purge”. The film, starring Ethan Hawke (who played Vincent, in 1997 Gattaca) and Lena Headey (who plays Cersei Lannister, in HBO’s Game of Thrones), takes place in a dystopian …

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Does Bisexuality Condone Violence?

Amber Heard to Plead Not Guilty to Illegally Bringing Dogs Into Australia

Does bisexuality condone violence? The answer is, no. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s recent marital struggles have been all over the media, with fervent defenders on both sides of the case. Amber Heard, 32, successfully applied for a restraining order again her husband, 52 year old Johnny Depp, after claiming that he physically abused her. On May 21st, neighbor Raquel Rose …

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Who are China’s Leftover Women?

Who are China’s leftover women? Modern day Chinese women are being pulled in two directions: by themselves and their parents. While some modern Chinese women love their independence and self-empowerment, their parents may feel differently. China’s society is still quite Confucian in beliefs and culture: children are taught to show the utmost respect their parents and their parent’s wishes. One common …

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Game of Thrones’ Sansa Shows That “Femininity” Doesn’t Mean “Anti-Feminist”

Game of Thrones’ Sansa shows that “femininity” doesn’t mean “anti-feminist” in the lastest season. After last season’s fire about her rape, the show is making a comeback with her story and expanding more on the feminist qualities of her narrative Warning! Spoilers for Seasons 1-6! Season five’s rape scene with Sansa Stark, Ramsay Bolton, and Theon Greyjoy is a difficult scene to watch. …

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