Karina Rose

Karina Rose is a young writer from Southern California currently contributing to and running online blogs ranging from entertainment, news, to creative arts. Working for and interning with filmmakers and social media personalities she hopes to continue sharing her unique perspective and original content.

Trump Continues To Make His Anti-Abortion Flub Worse, Then Claims It’s Always Been Perfect

With Cruz and Kasich both out of the presidential race, Trump and whatever monkey pulling strings and levers inside of the orange rind suit that makes him, are left to be the presumptive republican nominee. And since this is now the case, and with Trump’s earlier claims to “be more presidential” he has gone on to back track his back …

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The White House Loved Larry Wilmore’s Correspondence Dinner Jokes, And You Should Too

A few nightlies ago Larry Wilmore, seasoned comedy veteran and host of The Nightly Show (Comedy Central’s popular news program filling the hole Colbert left behind) was the host of the White House Correspondents dinner. The role was suitable of him, as a public supporter of the president, Wilmore was the right choice in a comedian to send Obama out …

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American Family Association Takes A Dump In Target’s Trans-Inclusive Restroom Plans

Don’t you hate it when you go to a Target store and some dummy has shoved something where it absolutely shouldn’t be? Like when some wine mom decides maybe she shouldn’t buy three bottles of merlot at 11 am because she’s running a bit behind and won’t be able to finish a second one before picking up her daughter from …

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Why Germany’s Direct Approach To Texting Pedestrians Should Inspire All Major US Lawmakers

  Watch out Ampelmann there is a new German crosswalk helper in town, and he is so down to earth he is in the ground (literally)! These days phones are distracting most of us from important things in life. Things like awkward social gatherings, meeting fun new possible murderers on the subway, and the crippling weight of the world you …

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Bey Isn’t The Sole Lemonade Queen, This 9 Year Old Lemonade King Will Melt Your Heart

At the moment the only lemonade we’re talking about is the kind being served by Beyonce exclusively to TIDAL. But there is another brand of lemonade being served exclusively on a neighborhood street of Springfield, Missouri. And this lemonade for a much different purchase than making sure Jay Z’s latest lucrative venture does better than his earlier lucrative drugs venture, …

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Republicans Force Library Of Congress To Use The Pejorative Phrase “Illegal Aliens” In Official Documents

The House Of Republicans has become like a distant family member who refuses to say anything that would be deemed politically correct. You know, the type of family member who says, “I don’t care what they prefer, to me and everyone else I learned history with, they’re called INDIANS!” You know, those family members. Because as of today the House …

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Cakegate Update: Whole Foods Counter Sues Pastor Claiming Anti Gay Slur Was Written On His Cake

Pastor Sues Austin Whole Foods Market for Allegedly Writing Homophobic Slur on Cake

Whole Foods: Your friendly neighborhood grocer, if your neighborhood refers to any person of color as “those people”. As elitist as the community surrounding Whole Foods markets around the country may be, the actual company of Whole Foods prides themselves on being wildly inclusive. So much so that they include pre-peeled oranges and asparagus water on the list of things …

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La’porsha Renae “Doesn’t Agree With LGBT LifeStyle”…But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Freak Out

Last week American Idol runner up La’Porsha Renae was quoted in a bizarrely twisted headline saying that she doesn’t agree with LGBTA lifestyle choices. It was disconcerting to read because the only person less qualifying to speak with authority on politicalized human rights issues other than “Great Aunt Sylvia Who Get Racist When She’s Drunk” is “American Idol Runner Up”. Because …

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LAPD Begins Felony Threat Investigation Into Charlie Sheen

Not so good news regarding Charlie Sheen, America’s SweetHeart shaped tab of Molly—Although let’s be honest, that tablet is probably laced with whatever was laying around at the time and whatever Tiger Blood really is. The LAPD has begun a “felony threat investigation” on the actor turned walking, talking, and constantly screwing petri dish. The accusations pilling against Charlie are …

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