Quintin Goynes

Surprisingly, successful communities appreciate being well informed, while exhibiting compliance to hierarchy and the demands of stratification. In relation, over the past decades, I have experienced a multitude of ventures that involve community, business, and social responsibility.

Goddess and Relationships: Solutions and Culture–Goddess of Faith

  Problem Solver   Goddesses are not worriers. Worry is a waste of time confidence and energy. Part of grooming yourself to be a goddess is determining what you can change and what you cannot. If you cannot change what is going on, worrying will not have any positive effect. It will simply rob you of your energies. Determining the …

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Ways to Increase Alpha Male Status–Physical Strength

Physical Strength Let’s explore the aspects of physical strength and how you can begin to attain it. Physical strength in the animal kingdom is needed for the protection of the pack. Lesser females and males follow the strongest leader for protection. Physical strength is needed for the male to provide food and shelter for the lesser of the pack as …

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Everyone’s Crazy About a Sharp Dressed Man

Millions of dollars are made and lost in the pursuit of the largest muscles, fastest gate, hair replacements, plastic surgeries, implants and liposuction removals to at least give the physical appearance of our basic standards of prowess. Many times life changes and new habits can help a person become stronger, healthier, more control of their anger, and be able to …

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How to Improve Quality Of Television Shows

Why Should We Improve Television Show Quality? Television shows are becoming terrible and unreliable with reality TV shows and news reports that are fake and not telling the truth. Some programs are filled with junk and terrible TV shows.   How Can We Improve Television? We can improve TV shows and news reports by making them familiar and real. Reality TV …

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Tour the Culture of Cologne, Germany

Take A Ride   Family and Friends For the families, the Bimmelbahn mini trains are perfect for easy going exploration with your children. Pertaining to those who are inclined to entertaining couples or friends, you should try Rickshaw sightseeing.   This guided tour consists of a fun bicycle-led ride with breathtaking stops and a good steady road for motion sensitive …

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Is Technology Taking Over Our Social Lives?

  Technology Role Play Technology is now growing and becoming increasingly powerful in our lives. Frankly, it is taking away social interaction and making prospective relationship makers focus on the new iPhones and Androids that are being developed. Furthermore, every year there are about two or three new phones coming out; making them focus on the technology in their hands. …

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