Award Winning Female Driven Web Comedy Sparks Interest


This Saturday (11/28/15) the first episode of the award winning Los Angeles based web series California Roll will be airing through Westside TV. The series is created, written, and stared in by Denise Poole (Denyc). With hit female comedies blowing up in the past few years, Like Girls, Inside Amy Schumer, and The Mindy Project, it’s about time we have some of that girl power on the web.

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California Roll can also be watched on YouTube @CaliRollSeries and followed on Twitter and Instagram with the same handle.

California Roll is a comedic web series that takes place inside a car driven by Samantha—played by Denyc. Along with her new roommate and best friend Abby—played by Victoria Hogan—, they explore Los Angeles. From point A to point B, every trip is a potential adventure (or disaster). These two young women are discovering what getting your dreams is really all about: The unexpected.

Denise Poole (Denyc) always has a hands on approach in seeing a story come to life, “My goal is to inspire others to live their dreams. To find people who share the same strong passion for making films, and create those stories together.  To work on projects with like-minded people is so rewarding.”

Her like-minded co-star Victoria Hogan has a range of training from Groundlings to the London Academy of Dramatic Art. Her camera presence is naturally funny and beautiful to watch.  She is a published author and young poet as well.  “I don’t want to be famous. I want to be a good actor. I want to meet interesting people, make interesting connections, and most of all, work hard & create something wonderful.”

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Victoria Hogan (left) and Denyc (right)

California Roll had a huge presence in the festival season, being nominated for multiple web awards. Including a best actress win for Denyc, and a best overall web project for the show. With hopes for the future of the series Westside TV has chosen to air each episode. The situational and relateable humor makes it a perfect fit for the Los Angeles site. Anyone who has taken a long drive with a strange friend or two knows just how many weird and inexplicably beautiful moments come from it. California Roll hopes to explore them all.



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