Azealia Banks Targets Zayn Malik with Racist Tweet

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and all sorts of blogs are parts of the expansive and ever-growing field that is social media. Of course, social media is not limited to these and that is actually part of the consumers’ and users’ experience and interaction with social media.

The intricate networks and social connections that can be created and kept alive through the facilitation of social media platforms are some of the positive reasons, other than self-expression, that social media functions for people and society.

However, there are reasons that some people give that highlight social media’s dangers and drawbacks, like safety and bullying reasons. Rapper Azealia Banks is the latest of the ample celebrities that have used social media to promote their ideas excessively. Many tweets from celebrities have been homophobic, racist, even xenopohobic, and Banks is certainly no exception to this. Azealia Banks has been suspended from Twitter and possibly banned from entering the United Kingdom for targeting Zayn Malik because of his Pakistani side of his English-Pakistani background. She has used racist slurs and words that offend the Pakistani populace to address the heartthrob.

So why did the rapper do this? Well, the answer is out there. It is because she believes Zayn as not having been very original with his ideas or concepts for his music videos. Actually, a certain, the latest music video, the music video for “Like I Would.” She believes she was not acknowledged and asserts how this made her angry. Her possibly presumptuous and egotistical position that Zayn intended to mimic her ideas is further justified in her comments and her comments say also that she wanted to remind Zayn of something. According to Meera Jagannathan at New York Daily News, Banks wanted to remind the ex-One Direction members that they are both colored musicians.

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