Back to School 2015

Back to School 2015

Is it already that time again? It is for some and for others it is the words and time of year they dread, “Back to school.” We anticipate summer break to be a long vacation, and then we complain that it was not enough. Besides that, let me talk about some of the ways we prepare for going back to school. Whether we can shift our perspectives from these three words being haunting and familiar to words that evoke excitement and do not seem so mundane, we all make preparations to begin school again, whether it is grade school or higher education.


First of all, we want to all make a lasting impression on the first day.

Since this is a lasting impression, it needs to be a satisfactory impression. To make our imprints on the first day as adequate and suitable, we often think about our outfit on the first day. This is why there is “back-to-school-shopping.”


Not only do grade school students get ready for school again, but as a university student, more specifically as one who transferred recently from community college. I find myself making preparations mentally and physically. Even for grade school students, there is a mental aspect to back to school preparation, where you realize that you are going to be a grade higher, maybe an upperclassman, or maybe in a different social stance. I remember when I transitioned into my junior year, I transitioned also into being an upperclassman.


Anyway, get that awesome new outfit and go shopping for school supplies and to meet new people. Have fun and be productive!

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