Back to the Future 4? A Christopher Lloyd Interview Explains

Back To The Future’s 30th anniversary was earlier this year, which means that celebrations for the time-traveling sci-fi film have been taking place for quite some time now. Of course, because Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis and Christopher Lloyd have been conducting endless interviews to honor this milestone, they’ve been asked about the hopes of a sequel.  Christopher Lloyd is sure that he would jump at the opportunity if asked.

Lloyd was asked by The Hollywood Reporter earlier last week about his thoughts on appearing in a possible Back To The Future 4, and while he admitted that he’d love to reprise his role as Dr. Emmett Brown, he’s also aware of how hard it would be to replicate the success of the original. Lloyd proclaimed:
I would love to do Doc again, no question. [But] it’s tough to come up with an idea that contains the excitement of the original three. So it would be a real challenge for the writers to come up with an original Back To The Future story that has the same passion and intensity and excitement as the other three. But it could be done, you never know.

It’s nice that Christopher Lloyd holds Back To The Future III in such esteem, however we all know that the third installment to the beloved franchise tails off badly in comparison to the originals. Even Back To The Future II has its flaws, but it still manages to replicate the fun and ferocious vibe of the original.

Of course, Back To The Future is a family-oriented masterpiece, funny, thrilling, and just an overall good time. In fact, because of its vast reputation amongst its die-hard fans there has been somewhat of an outcry over even the mere mention of a Back To The Future 4.
These rumors have heated up over the last few days as we head toward October 21st, 2015, a date that is dubbed as Back To The Future Day. This is because this is the day, month and year that Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and Jennifer Parker traveled to the year 2015 and were immediately confronted by hover-boards, flying cars and Jaws 19. The anticipation is even more elevated, since the Chicago Cubs are currently in the MLB playoffs.

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