Balmain Spring and Summer 2016 Collection, Olivier Rousteing

Pierre Balmain, now deceased, has made remarkable strides in fashion. The brilliant creative mind died in 1982, leaving his legacy and brand under his assistant, Erik Mortensen.

It is still resonant timelessly and applicable to contemporary contexts and settings. Today it is headed by Olivier Rousteing.

His training, consistent with also architecture, enabled him to gain trademark success in women’s fashion, with what were termed by Vogue as “eventful skirts.” His work initially signaled luxury, enriched by embellishments and embroidery with natural motifs.

All designers, whether in men’s clothing and women’s clothing, navigate and discover with particularly insightful and possibly even innate investment and enthusiasm for perspective and aesthetics.

Always having hinged on flawless, extravagant approaches to dressing the man, Balmain quite meticulously challenges parameter in fashion. Encapsulating an overarching vision that Olivier Rousteing longs to venture, a memorable narrative or story that also conveys the image of a man, especially what is called the “Balmain man.” Rousteing, with an imminent and already very illustrious presence in the fashion world, is rapidly adding himself to the physiognomy of the imaginative minds in fashion.

The Spring and Summer 2016 collection for men from Balmain is one that not only am I ardent to see and consume, but one that writes Rousteing’s envisioned story and fulfills the sought mission. The safari theme of the menswear in this collection was the backdrop for the show and channeled leisurely looks, overthrowing conventionality in some ways. This wise and vocal take canonized style and image takes all sorts of avenues.

Rousteing, in his menswear show, juxtaposed menswear with women wear, epitomizing his claim that men and women are “synchronized” as told by Luke Leith at Vogue. The show featured baggy pants and sandals that stood in for boots. Spendthrift looks channeled Rousteing’s compelling vitality.

Stories and themes in the realm of fashion are fiercely meaningful and aesthetic as well as most time universal. Told in many different ways, stories, themes, and visions are conveyed sometimes in a beautifully tacit manner. Rousteing, essentially, has transcended the boundaries and given facets to fashion to be appreciated in all directions and dimensions.


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