Balmain's Olivier Rousteing Collaborating with Nike this Time

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing Collaborating with Nike this Time


Balmain’s young and eminently promising designer Olivier Rousteing recently announced that he is collaborating with Nike. The announcement, which took place on social media platform Instagram, was posted by Rousteing himself, with hashtags included.

ARE YOU READY ? @nikelab x OLivier Rousteing #nikelab #followyourdeam #dreamteam #epic

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To name a few, they were “dreamteam” and “epic.” Remember his collaboration with H&M and how well-received that was? Even well-received is hugely an understatement. From personal experience, I remember going online to shop the collection the day it released and almost everything was sold out. Then I also remember the instances of ample people and crowds of people anxiously rushing in to shop as well.

Capitalizing off of the people’s love for that collection, he is catering to his fan base by putting his luxurious collection in a light of leisure and athletics. Rousteing is excellent at considering the people and that is an awesome quality, especially for his type of career. Nike is enormously known for sportswear, which is also a huge understatement. Nike and its logo and slogan are among the icons of the world today.

Rousteing’s vibrant outlook on both women’s wear and menswear blends with sportswear in this collection. The Nike “swoosh” is golden on the conspicuously embellished pieces that constitute the collection and ultimately also constitute the image the young designer is giving to this collection. Mostly golds and blacks, as can be seen in the ornate take on athletic wear, compose this collection in terms of color.

Whether you plan to spend your money on this very collection or not, it is still exciting and intriguing. It is always simply fun and also quite riveting to see a collaboration, especially in the field of fashion.

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