Bataclan Band 'Eagles of Death Metal' Speak Out About Paris Attack

Bataclan Band ‘Eagles of Death Metal’ Speak Out About Paris Attack

Band members of Eagles of Death Metal finally spoke out to Vice after the horrific attack on their fans in Paris during their concert at the Bataclan Theater.

Their voices still shook with fear in recalling the stories, reliving the horrors of the night.

Most tragic of all was hearing them recalling the loss of their fans and crew members. Band founder and lead singer Jesse Hughes was distraught with fear in recalling his instincts when he heard the shots.

Band Members of Eagles of Death Metal interviewed by Vice

He immediately left the stage, desperate to find his long time girlfriend Tuesday Cross. His guilt was palpable when he relayed his emotions on feeling as if he had left his fans and band mates behind. However co-founder and drummer Joshua Homme (Who was not present at the concert, but the first to be notified) did not let him feel helpless for too long. Nor did the fans. One fan had survived by running to the dressing rooms with others. While the people he hid with were found and killed, he survived hiding under one of Jesse Hughes’s own leather jackets.

Stories like this from surviving fans and family members of victims have helped the band to turn a new leaf. While they still seem terrified, and admit it, they have made no plans to stop performing. Hughes even let his desires known, that he hopes to be the first band to play the Bataclan when it re opens. A sign of strength that will certainly spark hope and progress for the Parisians, for their fans, and for all of those who watched the horrific news all over the world.

Jesse Hughes’s emotional recollection of the night of the attack


Joshua Homme, who also serves as lead singer to the band “Queens of The Stone Age”, despite being the clear rock in the group broke down as well. Reading the list of names he had written down himself of the victims, he became grief stricken and asked to take a five minute break from the interview. Upon returning, he could express few words, other than voicing his gut reaction to simply get on his knees. He described hit desire to  help in anyway he can. The band encouraged artists of all genres to cover their song “I Love You All The Thyme” in dedication to the victims. All their publication would go to helping the victims in the hospital and those families who have lost loved ones that night.


Eagles of Death Metal despite having a hardcore sounding name, are actually a loving group so close knit and so thoughtful of one another and their fans. They’re fun loving, open, accepting, and caring about all of life in general. To be surrounded by so much death and loss has not slowed them down, however. It has in fact opened their eyes, and made them see brighter.

They seem down now, as expected, but they make no plans to stay down much longer.

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