Beyonce and Jay Z Just keep Serving-up that Lemonade

Beyonce and Jay Z Just keep Serving-up that Lemonade

Jay Z is finally coming up for air. A month after Beyonce spilled some Lemonade. The couple was spotted yesterday leaving dinner at Del Posto in New York affectionately holding hands.

Beyonce album was deliciously iced with hints to possible infidelity issues facing her marriage with rapper husband, Jay Z. But, Jay Z isn’t fazed. The Roc Nation mogul, made a nonchalant response to his wife’s Lemonade in his “All the Way Up” collaboration with Fat Joe.

Jayonce is notoriously known to address tabloids through their music. In the new Fat Joe remix track exclusively available on you guessed it —– Tidal. Jay raps:

“You know you made it when the fact your marriage made it is worth millions/Lemonade is a popular drink and it still is.”

Clearly, Jay Z has a firm grasp on his controlla. His passive lyrical reply has inspired the #WednesdayWisdom hashtag on social media.


Since the couple’s 2008 marriage, there have been many rumors about divorce. But, it is the first time the rumors have been started by the singer. Her lyrics sparked countless discussions amongst the Twitter B-hive in light of her references to ‘Becky’.

However, their relationship looks better than ever. Bey and Jay Z apparently had a super romantic date night! Of special note was there very affectionate behaviour towards each other. An insider said, “Jay held her hand in and out of the restaurant, but inside they sat close and looked like they were enjoying each other’s company.”

The insider also stated they had “no quiet moments,” unlike in the past when “they would go to eat and not speak.” “Beyoncé had a big beautiful smile on her face as she was looking and talking to her husband during the meal. They looked like a happy couple who were having a great date night.”

Whether the night was a planned happy ending to their marital tension. Or they are just really truly enjoying marital bliss. We’re all just glad the power couple is happily back together. Beyonce is set to resume her Formation World Tour in Toronto, Canada on Wednesday.


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