Beyonce’s Big Announcement on 'Good Morning America' Upsets BeyHive

Beyonce’s Big Announcement on ‘Good Morning America’ Upsets BeyHive

Beyonce more often than not has the BeyHive right in her corner, yet subsequent to watching her Great Morning America declaration Monday morning (June 8), fans are baffled with Queen Bey.

While games fans were on a high because of the fervor of Game 2 in the 2015 NBA Finals on Sunday (June 7) — the Golden State Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers 95-93 in extra time — levels of nervousness increased when Good Morning America disclosed a clip teasing a restrictive declaration Beyonce would make on Monday. The teaser had fans on the edge of their seats in suspicion for the enormous uncover. Tragically, satisfaction swung to frustration when Bey’s huge news was basically more data about her vegetarian way of life.

GMA not Beyonce is in charge of driving the video with “something astounding she needs you to know,” which normally brought about her fans to expect she’d be uncovering a noteworthy occasion. Notwithstanding, the huge news was the “Parcel” artist talking about her dietary patterns and immaculate figure. “I am not actually the most slender lady,” Beyonce said in a recorded video. “I have curves. I’m glad for my curves. I have battled since a youthful age with weight control plans. Discovering something that really meets expectations, that really keeps the weight off, has been troublesome for me.”

While Beyonce’s love for veggies and eating healthy is cool, the BeyHive was hoping to be excited with news of an imminent album, tour or even another bun in the oven. At the point when Bey uncovered privileged insights about her eating routine, the BeyHive headed on over to Twitter to lash out at the vocalist.

Most fans couldn’t comprehend what all the hoopla was about. “Beyoncé dropped an entire album and videos like a thief in the night yet then makes a gigantic televised declaration about being a… veggie lover?,” one fan composed. In the interim different tweeters didn’t point the fault at Beyonce, however at GMA for attempting to boost ratings. “We should be clear, @beyonce NEVER said she had a major announcement. That was @gma trolling for views. Also, Ashley Everett.” Continue perusing to witness the BeyHive sound off on Beyonce’s vegetarian shock.

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