Biggest Loser of the GOP Debate: Political Correctness

“We must combat anti-Muslim bigotry and all forms of discrimination in our country and in our world,” tweeted (one of few remaining) fully-sane Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. He along with millions of others watched and cringed at the GOP Debate and it’s bickering, it’s finger pointing, it’s name calling, and it’s nap time (at least for Dr. Ben Carson).

It became apparent quickly into the debate that it was going to be a Trump-tastic night. The first few questions were in direct response to Trump’s recent proposed Muslim ban. As each candidate tore into Trump, the stage had the feel of a catty seventh grade slumber party. Where the lead popular girl goes around asking each girl to say what they hate about Becky. And Donald Trump was Becky. Trump even combatted CNN, accusing them of trying to get their ratings up by referring to the candidate so often. As if Trump didn’t already know and love that—Come on, Mr. Trump you don’t think that they asked you to be on SNL because you’re funny, do you? 

Of course the debate was going to kick off right from where Trump parked his crazy train. Which coincidentally, was right at Islamophobic junction. And with the subject of Islamophobia brought up, candidates had to bite their tongues to keep from referencing two very bad words. The P-word and The C-word.

Political Correctness (what did you think those bad words were…?) was a phrase that when uttered by the GOP candidates almost made them visibly shudder. When Wolf Blitzer asked Sen. Ted Cruz if he stood by his claim that he wanted to “carpet bomb” Syria and see if the sands would “glow in the dark” in total disregard to the magnitude of civilian casualties, Cruz answered in a roundabout, prideful, power-stance-like response that all in all translated to “Abso-freaking-lutely”.

Carpet bombing, for those of you who are not up to date on the latest issue of “Terms Related to Unbridled Warfare Weekly”, is unguided and unrestricted mass bombings of heavy populated areas. It’s also Ted Cruz’s exact plan on how to destroy ISIS:

“What it means is using overwhelming air power to utterly and completely destroy ISIS…We need to use overwhelming air power and we need to be arming the Kurds and we need to be fighting and killing ISIS wherever they are.” However “wherever they are” just happens to be with hundreds and thousands of innocent Syrians who are just as unsupportive of ISIS’s tactics and strategy as any other westerner. This was a huge contributor to the anti political correctness conversation. Cruz even said again in the debate that “Political correctness is killing people.”

Yes… Ted Cruz, expressions and actions taken to ensure not to harm marginalized groups like innocent non-radical Muslims or refugees looking for solace, is definitely what’s killing people. Unlike leveling entire cities with your carpet bombing plan. Sure, we can stop more Islamic-Terrorist attacks in America by searching, questioning, or detaining/deporting every Muslim in or entering America. But that’s the same as saying we can save every innocent black person from being shot by police officers by deporting every cop we see. It’s a correct statement, but it’s not a right choice.


“Many core Republican voters, particularly those angry with the establishment, believe the country has become weaker because Obama and other leaders are too afraid of alienating people… Candidates seeking their votes have used the term as a catch-all to attack the establishment.” Said the LA Times. And that couldn’t be more true.

It’s in no way the same to say that because “they can kill us, we can’t kill them?” means that being politically correct is what is putting us at risk. We can kill them. But we are choosing not to because we are not them. It is possible to be PC and militant enough to end ISIS. The problem with that for republican candidates is that it’s just not going to happen over night, and over thousands of innocent dead bodies.  Giving into the fear, and the idea of an all out ground war is exactly what experts say is playing into the ISIS agenda. Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala even went on record to say that this exact type of rhetoric is what is creating more and more radicals for ISIS every day.

These candidates are politicians. They’re running for political office. A position where they are not just the leaders of this one country, but the leader of the free world. A symbol of diplomacy, democracy, and a champion for peace. Not a machine-gun-bacon eating carpet bomber who isn’t afraid to say “The blacks” in casual conversation. If your job is politics… shouldn’t you aim to do that job correctly? To completely undermine the whole notion of trying to remain PC, while leading a nation and hundreds more that look up to it, is a bit disconcerting. Because you know who is definitely not PC? ISIS.

When the candidates all found common ground of hating political correctness, all that initial hate of Trump seemed to vanish. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump even embraced and shook hands near the end, discussing the possibility of becoming running mates. It was exactly like the catty slumber party. All the girls said what they hated about Becky, then Becky came back from the bathroom and said, “You know who’s the worst? Political Correctness!” And all the girls ew’ed and agreed, and bad mouthed PC and her weird friends Obama and Clinton all night. And by the time everyone was dozing off (Dr. Ben Carson being the first one to fall asleep of course) they all decided that Becky wasn’t too bad.

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