Bill Maher Criticizes Trump's Stance on Immigration

Bill Maher Criticizes Trump’s Stance on Immigration

In his Friday monologue, Bill Maher has choice words for two figures that have been trending topics in news lately, Josh Duggar from “19 Kids and Counting” and presidential candidate Donald Trump, who well all know too well. He first picked at Josh Duggar, who has recently been in the news for his association to the website, “,” where he reportedly has two accounts.

His original account was the one he created in order to cheat on his wife, and then the reported second account was for him to cheat on the woman who he was cheating on his wife with. Although he did have some choice words for Mr. Duggar, Maher really used his choicest words for presidential candidate Trump. He said that Trumps plan was “huge” and that it was called “Cinco de Bye-O”, where the 14th amendment would be repealed, the wages of working illegal immigrants would be taken away, and that money would be used to build a wall, and finally, 11 million of these people would then be deported; he asserted that this could not be possible anyway.

Maher also asserted that fact that Trump is guilty of hypocrisy, considering that two-thirds of Trumps wives are of Eastern European origin and are immigrants with a feeble ability to take in or demonstrate ability of the English language. He reminded viewers of the fact that Trump constantly reiterates the idea that he does not want foreign people in this country, yet Trumps wives are foreign.

A previous wife of his is from Czechoslovakia and his current wife is from Slovenia. He also asserted the idea that sometimes being with Donald Trump would essentially be the way to be an American, rather than going through a wall to get to America.

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