Biography of Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath’s Husband, Released

Ted Hughes was poet Sylvia Plath’s husband. Sylvia Plath was an author and poet is most notably renown for her novel, The Bell Jar which outlines her struggle with bipolar disorder. Anyway, the focus here is not on Plath but on her husband, whose biography reflects his life as an arduous journey filled with turmoil. The biography, written by Jonathan Bate, is called, Ted Hughes: The Authorised Life.


Ted Hughes did publish some works of his own, such as Selected Letters and Collected Poems. His life with Sylvia Plath, first of all, was a very scandalous one. One does not go across contemplating such things as, what is this person really like, but from what I have now read, he was a man of infidelity. Plath actually split from him when she caught him kissing another woman, by the name of Assia Weevil, in their kitchen, according to John McAuliffe of the The unfaithfulness caused the dissolution of Hughes and Plath. Hughes took his own life after his affair with Weevil.


According to Bates, Plath’s death left quite an impact on Hughes and his poetry. In fact, following it, he wrote the poem, “Crow.” According to Jonathan Bate in an interview with, what essentially brought Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes together was their remarkable intelligence. She left quite an impactful legacy behind, influencing Hughes’ work. According to Bate, in the interview with NPR, she “helped him develop” his voice.


The very separation from Plath was what influenced his later works and he never let it go that he cheated on her. He did not forgive himself and it is reflected by him.

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