Amber Heard to Plead Not Guilty to Illegally Bringing Dogs Into Australia

Does Bisexuality Condone Violence?

Does bisexuality condone violence?

The answer is, no.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s recent marital struggles have been all over the media, with fervent defenders on both sides of the case. Amber Heard, 32, successfully applied for a restraining order again her husband, 52 year old Johnny Depp, after claiming that he physically abused her. On May 21st, neighbor Raquel Rose Pennington, says that she received a text message from Heard to come to their condominium and walked in to find Depp terrorizing Heard, screaming at her, before swinging around a wine bottle “like a baseball bat”. At the same time, the night of the assault, Depp’s friends claim that Heard was out partying, with an Instagram photo of Heard with her friends, smiling, without signs of a bruise.

Either way, the truth is not something that the public can fully judge with certainty.

Popular media, however, has been judging Heard and her bisexuality quite a bit, citing it as a reason to not trust Heard and to rationalize Depp’s actions.

But how does Heard’s sexuality play any matter at all in this case?

Depp’s grief over his recently deceased mother is absolutely understandable; he was known to be a loving and devoted son. In 2004, he brought his mother as his date to the Academy Awards and even had her name tattooed on his left upper arm. The death of any loved one is a terrible, terrible thing and he is absolutely entitled to his grief and his pain.


However, using this grief and using Heard’s open bisexuality is not fair or even good justification of domestic abuse. It’s upsetting to see the media trying to weaponize Heard’s bisexuality against her, citing that she has been getting closer to model and actress Cara Delevingne and that triggered Depp’s jealousy and fear.

Well, that’s still doesn’t have much to do with her bisexuality. If it had been been a man, and not Cara Delevingne, I think that the media would be interpreting that information in a completely different way. Sexuality is a personal choice, it’s not something that makes the choices for a person, and it doesn’t really have a place in an argument that is discussing domestic violence. It is an irrelevant fact in this situation and it’s not right to immediately call it out as justification for domestic abuse.

There is no justification for domestic violence. None.

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