Black College Students Removed From Rally By Trump’s Request

Donald Trump, who faced criticism after failing to denounce support from a white supremacist, proved at his campaign rally that he is not racist. His anti-bigotry was brought to light when he requested the nearly thirty black students leave the rally. The black students were sitting peacefully in the back of the auditorium when they were approached and escorted out. Rather than make, as Donald refers to them fondly, “the blacks” uncomfortable at his rally that is full of bigots like former KKK grand wizard David Duke and his “likeminded supporters” he politely had them removed. The entire gesture was completely uncalled for, Trump did it only out of the goodness of his own heart (which can’t be racist because it is so very black).

Appropriately the rally was being held at a college that historically ended its ban on black students in 1963. “We didn’t plan to do anything… They said, ‘This is Trump’s property; it’s a private event.’ But I paid my tuition to be here.” said Tahjila Davis, a 19-year-old who was among those escorted out.

This comes shortly after a similar incident at a Trump rally where a reporter was choked and slammed to the ground when he was reporting on a small crowd of Black Lives Matter Activists who were in attendance to a the Trump rally. But don’t worry, the reporter was white, and Trump continues to prove his tolerance.

Trump has said how he wants to make America great again by “Being greedy for the United States”. His supporters cheered for him as he promised them his plan to turn the country on the right path, “I’m going to take, take, take and we’re going to become rich again.” Again. But to which era is he constantly referring whenever he says again? 1963? When the college he was speaking at banned African Americans? Or 1763? When we were taking, taking, taking Africans not just out of rallies but out of Africa for slave trading? Either way, Trump is definitely not racist.

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