Bob "Cool Moose" Healey Jr. Dies at 58

Bob “Cool Moose” Healey Jr. Dies at 58

Rhode Island Politician and founder of the Cool Moose Party, Bob Healey Jr., died March 20 at his home in Barrington. He was 58.

Police say Healey was found lying his his bed; it is believed he died in his sleep.

Healey was known in Rhode Island politics for his repeated attempts at running for the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor under his independent banner of the Cool Moose Party.

Healey ran for the office of Governor three times between 1986 and 1998; he ran most recently in 2014 as the Moderate Party candidate against Gina Raimondo and Cranston Mayor Allan Fung. Healey received 21 percent of the vote.

He also ran for the Lieutenant Governor three times between 2002 and 2010, each time promising to abolish the office to save the state money.

The Cool Moose was born May 3, 1957 in Providence. He grew up and spent his life in Warren and could often be seen walking down the street with his trademark long hair and beard.

Healey graduated Rhode Island College, earning a bachelor’s degree in English and secondary education. He also complete his master’s in reading at Boston University, a degree in law from the New England School of Law, a Master’s in Law from Northeastern University.

He almost completed his PhD from Columbia University, but his dissertation supervisor died and a replacement could not be found.

When not practicing law or running for public office, Healey attempted several private business ventures including wine importing, an ice cream company and a wine and cheese shop in Warren.

He also completed a children’s book in 2010.

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