Bobbi Kristina Brown's Death Is 'Imminent'

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Death Is ‘Imminent’

After months of being in a medically induced coma, Bobbi Kristina Brown, 22, is now reportedly near death. The daughter of Bobby Brown, 46, and the late Whitney Houston has been in hospice care since June 24, and now, a new report claims that Bobbi Kristina’s family has increased security because the young woman is about to die.

Bobbi “barely has any signs of life,” a source told FoxNews, and that Whitney and Bobby’s daughter reportedly “hardly has any vitals.” With this change in Bobbi Kristina’s condition, her family has reportedly made plans for her final hours, which includes adding to the number of security guards stationed around her.

“Security has been beefed up and even local law enforcement has been called because the families have been told that death is now imminent,” the source said. The extra security is because the Brown and Houston families “want to make sure that photographers don’t get pictures of her body being removed.”

This is so heartbreaking for Bobbi Kristina’s family. They still had hope that the girl would recover from her coma, as the report claims they flew Bobbi to specialists in Chicago prior to putting her in hospice care in Georgia. But, those specialists only “confirmed what the Atlanta doctors had been saying,” and that there was “no hope” for the girl.

The trip reportedly was what finally convinced Bobby that his little girl was not going to get better. The family decided that she was “in God’s Hands now” and were finally ready to let her die.

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