Brazil Rallies Against The Gang Rape Of A 16-Year-Old

Brazil rallies against the gang rape of a 16-year-old.

A 16-year-old, whose identity is currently being protected, was gang raped at her boyfriend’s house in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, May 27th, by 30 armed men at around 1 AM. A 40 second video of the rape, along with pictures, was posted on Twitter, along with a few vicious ad vulgar comments, before the accounts involved were suspended. One of the tweets was a man’s face next to the genitals of the girl with the caption: “Rio state opens a new tunnel for the speed train”. The police currently have warrants out for those 30 accused, along with a warrant for the boyfriend.


5,000 people took to Sao Paolo’s street, holding up anti-rape signs, reading ‘against rapists’, ‘together we’re stronger’, and ‘we’re all bleeding’. Women, men, and children paraded down the streets together, with ‘FEMINIST’ and the female gender symbol painted on their bodies; some even went completely topless, shouting and holding up banners against violence against women in Brazil, with feminist stickers over their nipples. Young women held hands and shouted out, while young children were spotted on the shoulders of their mothers or fathers, waving bright flags and yelling right along with everyone else. Recent studies have estimated that one in every 200 women in Brazil, has been sexually abused in one form or another, and Brazil is taking a stronger stance against sexual violence against their women.

The victim of the rape did an interview with the O Globo Newspaper, but kept her identity hidden.

“I want them to await the justice of God. I feel like trash.” she said. She wants people to understand that “it’s not the woman’s fault. You can’t blame a robbery victim of being robbed.”

epa05341213 A couple of Brazilian activists kiss in front of riot police during a rally against the gang rape of 16-year-old girl in a Rio de Janeiro shantytown, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 01 June 2016. The girl told police she was drugged and that she awoke to find herself surrounded by 33 men armed with rifles and handguns. Two of the men accused in connection with the gang rape were arrested on 30 May. EPA/SEBASTI¿O MOREIRA

Currently, #EstuproNuncaMais (#RapeNeverAgain) is trending on social media. The girl also wanted to thank her supporters on Facebook: “It’s not just my uterus that hurts, it’s my soul…I really thought I’d be judged badly. But I wasn’t. We could all go through this one day.”

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